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Talking about "Cebiche"

"Ceviche, for those that steer clear of such vulgar things as trends, is, at its most basic, raw fish marinated in citrus juice and spices; the acid in the juice denatures the proteins in the meat in much the same way as cooking would. The flesh becomes opaque, the texture firmer and dryer, yet the flavours remain spanking fresh: it's the perfect zingy dish for a warm autumn day. American chef Rick Moonen describes it as a "citrus cocktail", which sounds about right"

The Guardian

Ocopa is a family initiative for a traditional peruvian food, as our granny did for years to everyone.

Preserve the presentation and ingredients are our goal

as well as our love for a Peruvian cuisine!



"Con Pollos Fer . Tuve una buena cena... riquísimo!!! gracias"
Rocio Sotero
"Gracias Pollos Fer todo listo para mi cenita con un riquisimo pollito a la brasa, sus salsitas y nuestra inka que rico ahora a esperar al rey de la casa 😍"
Tina Delgado
"Muy bueno el pollo les recomiendo 👌"
Patricia Porto‎
"Muchas gracias Fernando y Cecilia, los tamales de pollo, en hoja de panca (estilo humita salado) estuvieron riquísimos, muy tradicional y sabor autentico, yummy yummy, se los recomendare a todos mis contactos de Peru en Londres 👍🏼😋

 — feeling stuffed.

Monica ZC‎

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